A friend has brought me an iPhone 4 they are having problems with.

After several attempts at restore I can't get it working. I have even tried putting it in DFU mode and letting iTunes download the latest firmware to restore it. Once it has restored it restarts and gets to the insert sim card screen. Here it will sit for about a minute and then just restart without warning. If you try to slide the slider it will also restart. Having the sim inserted doesn't stop it restarting, and it seems if you connect it to iTunes it doesn't even get to the point of bringing something up on the screen before restarting.

The phone has never been jail broken if that has any relevance.

Here is a paste bin of the console log from the enterprise config utility if it is any help. ==== Attached at 30/09/2012 23:15:28 ==== Sep 30 23:13:09 ReportCrash[180] <Wa - Pastebin.com

I don't think this is a software problem now, does it seem to be hardware related?

Thanks in advance.