I require some help regarding my iPhone 4 and Orange network.

The story is, I have an iPhone 4 and recently changed jobs. My company phone thats been issued is a pile of crap and I've asked if I can use my personal iPhone. Answer was yes until I explained the Micro SIM problem and since then it's been "company policy" not to use iPhones blah blah blah"

So I got my self an sim card cutter and it worked perfectly, or so it seemed!

I now have no 3G or data services only ORANGE is showing up in the carrier (top left of the phone).

Inital though was I've broke the sim card but after putting it back into my work phone it 3G worked fine.

I even called orrange (not disclosing that I've cut up a company sim) and they said it's strange because it was showing that I had 3G network!

bottom line is I really want to use my company sim card in my iPhone but it's useless if I can't get data services!

I also asked orange if they could teleport my works number onto my Micro Sim but was told this wasn't possible!

all setting are correct as when I put my current Micro Sim card in everything works as normal!

All I see in the top left corner is ORANGE with the "homemade" micro sim but ORANGE 3G with the proper Micro Sim.

Using an adaptor both sims show 3G when inserted into my work phone.

I've tried "reset all network settings".

APN settings are correct

Advanced thanks and a beer in it for those who can help!