Hey! Basically I looked on the internet for the last week ( my week off :^( ) trying to find solutions to get this iPhone to work.
I work at a department store and around 9 months ago this iPhone was turned in. I'm in charge there so I held onto it and put it in my office until someone came forward for it. Weeks went by so I rang my mate who's a policeman and he said he'll check the system if anybody has reported losing an iPhone. No such luck.
I wish it was like years ago when I could have just searched the contacts for "home" and rang it but there was a "password" or "passcode" on the phone which I didn't think to second guess in case I jammed the thing up. ANYWAY.. That was then and last week my superiors had all the store rooms cleared out, so instead of throwing the phone away my boss said I should have it. So.. here we are now!
I took it home and looked to charge it. I found out you could charge it with an iPod cable (I'm sure you guys know all this :^P).
Once it was charged the I couldn't operate the phone because of the password. So... I looked online for ways around this.. So I found out that you could "restore" the phone using iTunes, but once I plugged it in I found out this would not work either! It seems you can only "restore" the iPhone on the computer you set it up on!.. SO.. are there any ways around this? Seems a shame to bin such a shinny unused phone :^)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks, Roy!