Hi everyone. Please be patient as I explain this. My brother bought me a used iphone 4 from the US. I'm currently outside the US. He had it unlocked and jailbroken. But when I got it and put in my sim it wasn't recognized. And it's on the initial screens where you choose the language, the country, etc.I don't have wi-fi access, so I pressed the button connect to itunes and plugged it in. There I-Tunes tells me that my sim is not recognized. I have the 10.5 version of itunes. I also don't have any access to info on the iphone llike what firmware it's running, etc, being it was used before i bought it. And I can't check because the only thing I can do as of now is make emergency calls. Please tell me what I need to do in order to get it running, accepting foreign sim cards, and working both as a phone and ipod. Also, I know I cut the sim right, because when I put it in my friends phone, it works and shows the carriers name. The lack of info I have is really bothering me because I can't even search for help. Thank you for any input