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Discuss All Infos from the WWDC Coverrage at the iPhone 4 -; Best read from bottom to Top 10:57 am Record, edit, and share HD video right ...
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    Default All Infos from the WWDC Coverrage

    Best read from bottom to Top

    10:57 am Record, edit, and share HD video right on your phone.
    10:57 am LED flash can stay on during video recording.
    10:57 am One-click sharing.
    10:56 am Tap to focus video with built-in video editing.
    10:56 am 720p at 30fps.
    10:56 am Camera records HD video!
    10:56 am "But that's not all."
    10:55 am Quality is incredible.
    10:55 am Showing photos taken with camera, look remarkable.
    10:55 am 5x digital zoom in camera app and tap to focus with LED flash.
    10:55 am 1.75 micron pixel size in sensor.
    10:54 am Backside illuminated sensor.
    10:54 am 5 megapixel camera.
    10:54 am More concerned with better photos than megapixel statistics.
    10:53 am Feature 5- New camera system.
    10:53 am Steve can't wait to see what developers do with it.
    10:53 am Gyro joins 4 other sensors, accelerometer, compass, proximity and ambient light sensors.
    10:52 am Jenga tower falls, audience claps.
    10:52 am Steve about to lose at Jenga game demo.
    10:52 am Rotation of 3D objects is unbelievably smooth.
    10:52 am ZenBound will be amazing with this.
    10:51 am Extremely impressive demo, audience going crazy.
    10:51 am With Gyro enabled rotation is insanely better.
    10:51 am Shows Jenga-looking game with accelerometers not moving when he rotates with gravity.
    10:51 am Doing demo, makes joke about how it won't require a network.
    10:50 am New CoreMotion API's for extremely precise location.
    10:50 am Gyro + accelerometer = 6 axis motion sensing.
    10:50 am 3 axis gyro for pitch roll and yaw.
    10:50 am iPhone 4 has a Gyroscope.
    10:49 am Feature 4-
    10:49 am Dual mics, 802.11n.
    10:49 am Capable of 7.2mbit down 5.8mbit up once carriers support that speed.
    10:49 am 32GB of storage, quadband HSDPA/HSUPA
    10:49 am IPhone 4 environmental report card being showed, is highly recyclable and has nothing nasty in it.
    10:48 am Bigger battery plus A4 processor, 40% more talk time. 7 hours talk time. 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video. 40 hours of music. 300 hours of standby.
    10:48 am Biggest component in iPhone is battery.
    10:47 am A4 chip in iPhone is incredibly small.
    10:47 am Designed by Apple's own team, "wonderful to have in an iPhone."
    10:47 am iPhone 4 powered by Apple A4 chip.
    10:47 am Feature 3-
    10:46 am Steve thinks this will set the standard for the next 7 years.
    10:46 am With higher resolution artwork, apps/games on Retina Display "look stunning."
    10:46 am Without developers doing any work.
    10:45 am iPhone OS 4 - Apps automatically run full size but look even better because iPhone OS automatically renders text and controls in higher resolution.
    10:45 am Retina Display has 78% of the pixels of an iPad right in the palm of your hand.
    10:45 am "You can't make an OLED display with this kind of resolution right now."
    10:44 am 326 ppi. 800:1 contrast ratio also 4x better than 3GS. Uses IPS technology for superb color and wide viewing angle.
    10:44 am 3.5" display, same size, 960x640.
    10:44 am Steve concludes demo.
    10:44 am Someone shouts, "Try Verizon."
    10:43 am Asks Scott for any suggestions.
    10:43 am Steve apologizing again.
    10:43 am iPhone 4 slowly barely loads NY Times.
    10:43 am Difference is fairly amazing.
    10:42 am Steve goes back to showing photos.
    10:42 am iPhone 4 now on AT&T, all kinds of error messages about not being connected to the internet popping up on iPhone 4.
    10:41 am Switching to backups.
    10:41 am NY Times still not loading on iPhone 4.
    10:41 am Steve asks everyone to get off WiFi to help him out, audience laughs.
    10:41 am Loading slowly, "networks in here always unpredictable."
    10:40 am Loading up NY Times next.
    10:40 am Zoomed in difference looking at home screen is remarkable. Apple had to get special projectors to show just how good this screen is.
    10:39 am Firing up both phones.
    10:39 am Doing a live demo now.
    10:39 am Showing differences in photos now.
    10:39 am Showing examples of the two screens. "Once you use a retina display you can't go back."
    10:38 am 326 ppi "comfortably over" that limit.
    10:38 am Text like "a fine printed book."
    10:38 am 300 ppi is limit of the human retina when held 10-12 inches away from the eye.
    10:37 am "Never been a display like this on a phone."
    10:37 am Retina Display: 326 ppi.
    10:37 am "Really really sharp text."
    10:36 am New display technology, dramatically increases pixel density. 4x as many in same amount of space.
    10:36 am Retina Display.
    10:36 am "This is a biggie."
    10:36 am Feature #2-
    10:36 am "When you hold this in your hands, it's unbelievable."
    10:35 am Uses stainless steel for strength, uses glass for optical quality and scratch resistance.
    10:35 am Audience goes "Oooo..."
    10:35 am One side is Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, other is UMTS and GSM.
    10:35 am Shows that the stainless steel band is the primary structure of the phone, "Brilliant engineering, uses band as part of Antenna system."
    10:34 am Three black seams.
    10:34 am Pointing out weird line on side with volume buttons, steve says people have asked "WHat's this?"
    10:34 am Top has headphone jack, second mic for noise cancellation and sleep/wake button.
    10:34 am Bottom has mic, 30 pin connector, and speaker.
    10:33 am Going over external buttons, volume up and down, mute, front facing camera. Micro-sim tray, Camera with LED flash on back.
    10:33 am "Thinnest smartphone on the planet."
    10:33 am 9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than current iPhone.
    10:32 am "Really thin."
    10:32 am Glass on front and rear with stainless steel running around the side.
    10:32 am "This is beyond a doubt the most precise things, one of the most beautiful things we've ever made."
    10:32 am "Believe me, you ain't seen it."
    10:32 am All new design, "A lot of you have already seen this."
    10:31 am Well over 100 new features, not enough time for them all. Covering 8 today.
    10:31 am "This is really hot."
    10:31 am iPhone 4.

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    When can I watch the full video coverage of the keynote? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by humblehyper View Post
    When can I watch the full video coverage of the keynote? Thanks.


    Apple - QuickTime - WWDC 2010 Keynote Address



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