iPhone 3gs

I had a quarter in my pocket that damaged a few of the pins on my dock connector. I ordered an assembly off of ebay and followed the various directions (I suggest the iFixit ones). Fairly easy. After installation, however, I noticed that my cell signal was a lot weaker, and I commonly got 'No Service' in areas I used to have 2-3 bars--not good.

I contacted the seller who very nicely sent me a new unit. I installed that one. Much my chagrin, however, the new unit performed as badly or even worse. I searched all over for a solution but didn't find a solution posted anywhere. I was able to come up with a simple solution that I wanted to share.

Carefully peel the antenna sticker (with connector 7 on the 3gs) off your original stock dock assembly as well as your replacement dock assembly. Swap the OEM antenna sticker onto your new dock assembly and reinstall and you'll have much better cellular reception. Just wanted to share.

Take care everyone.