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Discuss SOS pwned unlocked 3gs week 37 3.1.2 totally a mess, bricked basically (10.6.3 mini) at the iPhone 3GS -; ...
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    Default SOS pwned unlocked 3gs week 37 3.1.2 totally a mess, bricked basically (10.6.3 mini)

    Aaah!! SOS my pwned and unlocked 3gs won't get past the boot logo!!
    it's week 37, 3.1.2, unlocked. I'm on a new macmini server model running 10.6.3. i hope that's not the problem cause i'm not able to get to another machine soon enough.

    hello and thank you for reading this and trying to help.

    My iphone 3gs has been pwn'd and unlocked since i got it in october, now it is on 3.1.2 and still unlocked.

    today i got off the subway and turned airplane mode off using sbsettings (i always turn it off underground to save battery and reduce exposure) and some kinda conflict with activator and the ipod controls on the lockscreen crashed the phone. it just froze the display. i waited five minutes, nothing.

    i held both buttons to force reboot it and since then it just hangs indefinitely on the pwnapple boot logo. multiple reboot combinations and constant clicking of buttons (don't knock it, it's worked for me plenty of times) is so far failing. once i left it plugged in to the computer for a couple hours or so and it made it to the lockscreen (in safety mode, the default battery was showing) and received a text and missed call, but by the time i noticed it was froze up again. Still, itunes saw it, and so did iphoto. I started syncing in itunes to try and wake it up (had success with this before) but it crashed out and went to the boot logo while it was still preparing the backup (this progress bar never went solid). square one again.

    I tried redsnow, it won't recognize the phone being connected or shut off. and i can't really shut it off when it's plugged in (required for DFU kinda) because it starts booting again almost immediately.

    tried restore mode (unplug > turn off > hold home > plugin and continue holding home) but it just goes straight to the boot screen again. it seems to just boot as soon as it senses power?

    I CAN GET INTO DFU it seems by simply: pluggin in > hold home and power buttons until shutdown > immediately release power and continue holding home until itunes responds to iphone in recovery mode. this doesn't do much good though:

    I've tried itunes 9.1 and 9.1.1, and I get error 1600 every time. I tried different users. I changed the permissions on the ipsws and everything. I can't seem to find the device support folder or default firmwares anywhere since i moved to this leopard server mac mini. they were where i expect in my archived library.old, but no where else.

    i modded the hosts files and have shsh blobs stored for 3.1 and 3.1.2, and I've only been trying to restore the same custom 2,1_3.1.2 ipsw Óla pwnagetool, not activated (i'm with at&t but NEED the unlock to travel for work). i also made another custom ipsw and tried that too. no dice.

    a few mods i've done that stand out to me as possible culprits:
    the tweak that changes the version number in the phone's OS to 3.1.3 so itunes won't ever ask to update it.
    activator; i was messing with ways to swap the activation for ipod controls (double tap) and kirikae (home button hold), except on the lockscreen no kirikae and double tap for ipod controls. this seemed to be the action it crashed on, or at least that's where it was was it crashed out the first time.

    What can I do?
    if i try to restore to factory 3.1.2 will it update the baseband?
    what else might be causing the error 1600?

    please help!!!

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    Did you unlock using blacksn0w? If so - have you tried

    Even if you used another tool to jailbreak (pwnagetool or redsn0w) I would suggest you try this if you used blacksn0w.

    Old or new bootrom? October suggests you could have just managed to buy an old bootrom device.
    Please read the stickies & search forum before posting!
    How to report an iTunes restore/update fail in a useful manner

    iPad 3G 64GB (4.3.3, Redsn0w) oldest SHSH 3.2.2
    iPhone 4 32GB (4.2.1, Redsn0w JB-monte) oldest SHSH 4.1
    iPhone 3GS 32GB (4.3.3; Pwnagetool) factory unlocked oldest SHSH 3.1
    iPhone 8GB (3.1.3; Pwnagetool) AT&T Locked - Unlocked with bootneuter

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