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Discuss Record incoming calls at the iPhone 3GS -; Could you please what best apps i have to instal on my iphone 3gs (software ...
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    Default Record incoming calls

    Could you please what best apps i have to instal on my iphone 3gs (software 4.2.1) so that i can record incoming calls.TKS

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    You may want to post in the App Store section to see better responses. I can only think of one program that does this now -- Apple changed how the phone gets and sends cellular data which made it impossible for applications to directly access this -- any programs that do this now do so by funneling your phone call through a third party proxy, which records it and sends you the recording. I'm very much NOT OK with that -- I don't trust any company to store that data on my behalf, nor do I trust them with it -- but that's just me, it's ultimately your call to make. The only one that I know of that still functions is called 'The iPhone Recorder' and it's available on the Apple App Store.

    Last but not least, it's worth mention that depending on where you live, use of programs of this type could be considered illegal and you can get yourself in a lot of trouble by doing it. We're not lawyers here so we recommend you do your homework to ensure that the use of these types of programs is legal in your location, as we can't be held responsible for any damages you incur by doing this. It's also worth mention that these things rear their heads more than people anticipate. If you're attempting to use this to dig up dirt on someone, gentle reminder that if you do and they find out, they absolutely can sue you if it's illegal to have done so in your area, and you can face stiff civil penalties. In short, do your homework, and if you're about to use this for something unscrupulous, save yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees and time and just DON'T.
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