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Discuss Question about iphone repair service (Problem With Delivery) at the iPhone 3GS -; Hi guys, I've got a bit of a query about the service replacement process.. On ...
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    Default Question about iphone repair service (Problem With Delivery)

    Hi guys, I've got a bit of a query about the service replacement process..
    On the 20th I requested a service package which was sent to me in the post, so I prepared everything by packing the phone up in the case and pre-labelled packet ready for sending it to Apple
    I went to the post office and got a proof of posting, (the postage service on the packet was R1) and everything seemed to be ok
    But the day after on the Tuesday, it came straight back to me!!
    Because the sender label (My address) was so close to the "TO" address, some idiot at the sorting office obviously didnt see it and sent it straight back to me
    So on that day when I got back I actually moved the "SENDER" label further down the package so the same mistake wouldnt happen again, and I went to the post office to explain what had happened and whether I needed to get another proof of posting but they said just put it back in the postbag (it didnt have any stamps on the package etc)
    Now I am getting worried though as its been nearly a week now since I re-sent the package, when surely Apple should of received it on Wednesday or Thursday and my status is still on step 1 "Service Requested"
    Should I be worried, or should I still just wait? Also if say it has got lost in the post somehow, what do I do about getting compensation etc?
    If I track using the number I got from the proof of posting receipt, it says "tem XXXXXXXXXXXXX was posted at 11 Greenway Para XXX XXX on 24/05/10 and is being progressed through our network for delivery" This is from the original date I posted it though
    Im real sorry for the long post, I'm just quite concerned at why nothing has been updated etc

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    I would contact the service department once you have proof of delivery from the carrier. That said, there's no guarantee they will turn the repair around quickly -- while they usually handle things like this quickly, they may be inundated with work, etc. Ultimately, until the post carrier provides proof of delivery, you've got nothing much to work with. Once you've got that, you can call the service department and start asking where the device is if you still don't see updates.

    Good luck!
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