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Discuss Problem with Sync After Downloading Cracked Apps from Installous at the iPhone 3GS -; Hey, hmm.. I guess this is my first post... and I suppose I am not ...
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    Default Problem with Sync After Downloading Cracked Apps from Installous

    Hey, hmm.. I guess this is my first post... and I suppose I am not very proud of it being a question. But I did my research, and I couldn't find anything, so I have no other choice. =/

    Anyway, long story short, I recently jailbroken my iphone 3gs (oldbootrom) using limerain to iOS 4.1, and at first I had no problem syncing all my apps (most of which were cracked) and musics from my itunes. But after I started downloading apps via my iphone using Installous from Cydia and AppStore, I could no longer sync my iphone to my itunes from my PC. Everytime I try to sync, it tries to sync apps for a few seconds, and then it seems to get cancelled and it will no longer sync. What is the problem?

    I already have AppSync 4.1. I have my itunes authorized, I have my restriction disabled on my iphones, and I can't really think of anything else to solve this problem. I even tried to download all the apps from installous and appstore to my computer manually so that they will recognize each other, but no luck still. Is there supposed to be some simple solution to this sync problem that I am not seeing? o-o

    It's not a huge issue because I could manually get musics into my iphone, but it becomes inconvenient when I want to download apps that are very large (such as tomtom GPS).

    Any ideas?

    And thank you ahead for any inputs.

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    We don't support piracy here. That is made clear in the terms you agree to when you sign up for an account on this forum.

    By pirating software you reduce the incentive for hackers to release new jailbreaks. For example - chpwn a hacker who helped with jailbreakme and greenpois0n jailbreaks has quite a few apps in the Cydia app store. He gets more support questions for his apps from people who pirated it than those who legitimately purchased the app. Many of the problems reported by the pirated users have long since been fixed in the official/legitimate version available for purchase. There have even been cases where the problem reported only exists in the pirated version because the crackers don't just remove the copy protection, they also added their own code that caused more problems.

    You simply cannot trust pirated software, it may not do what you expect it to do.
    When these apps are relatively cheap - and more and more offer free / limited trial/demo versions then I cannot see any justification for using pirated software on the iOS platform. If you cannot afford a $2 app then how can you afford a $900 iPhone (unsubsidised price)?

    You will NOT get any help with this problem here at hackint0sh.

    Thread closed.
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