My 3gs is stuck at apple logo.
I had upgraded via Cydia the GNU debugger and the phone wouldn't start normally.
It actually stays at apple logo for a few minutes and then self reboot.
I have tried to restore a virgin 3.0 but can't since Itunes doesn't allow it.
I have tried irecovery with auto-boot enable but didn't succeed.

Bizarre enough Redsn0w 0.8 is working perfectly with all steps but when its fully done the phone keeps on rebooting after a while.

Seems that the boot / inittab or rc files have been corrupted.

Is there a way to stop redsn0w just after the filesystem sync and get access to a unix console?
I have tried diskaid but couldn't succeed in getting a connection.
If I could get redsnow to stop before reboot I'll be able to fix it.
Is there any option not documented?

I didn't have the chance to have Cydia backup my ecid, nevertheless I have it written.
Is there a possibility to send to cydia my ecid from a PC or MAC?

Last idea: what if I restore using iTunes 7.7 or 8.1?