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Discuss One Confirmed Overheating / Battery Problem 3G[S] at the iPhone 3GS -; Folks-- Just wanted to shoot this onto the forum to let everyone know -- one ...
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    Exclamation One Confirmed Overheating / Battery Problem 3G[S]

    Just wanted to shoot this onto the forum to let everyone know -- one of our employees got an iPhone 3G[S] that ended up doing the overheating thing as referenced in the internet. About a week ago, he came to me at about 3 in the afternoon with his iPhone -- it was scorching hot. It had about 10% battery left. I recommended he let the battery die entirely and let the phone cool down, which he did. At that point it took it about 8-10 hours to charge (where my 3G[S] takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get most of its charge), and while it was charging, it became almost too hot to handle.

    After charging, the device would drain battery from 100% to 50% in under 60 minutes. In under 3 hours, a fully charged device would go entirely dead. This phone was not jailbroken (ever). When the battery would get to about 10%, the screen would go white and become unresponsive and the device would only allow you to access voice commands by hitting the home button -- you could not do anything else as the screen would not enable.

    I had him set up a reservation at the Genius Bar and they switched his phone out on the spot, no questions asked. I expected there would be an uphill battle considering Apple refuses to acknowledge that this has ever happened or could ever happen, but for what little it's worth, all 8 of my rep points stand behind the fact that I witnessed this with my own two eyes. If you have similar issues, take your phone to the Genius Bar before it sets itself on fire.

    Lastly, he had a white iPhone and before anyone asks, no, it definitely didn't discolor the back of the case like the pictures that circled the internet looked. And it doesn't surprise me either, because where it was hot was NOT where the case got discolored on the viral internet pictures, leading me to believe those were probably fakes. Either way.

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    That pass to me too, then I turn off Notifications and the problem was finish, I still get the push notifications. Hope this help.



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