Hi all

Got an odd problem with my IPhone 3gs, I restored it because I just wanted to upgrade to a clean slate, so to speak

So I ran the restore through itunes, which went ok, it rebooted, got to the setup page, but Itunes just hung

I went through the language/country selection and it said connect to itunes, but again, it just hangs when it picks up the phone

So I checked the log file and it shows lots of these messages:

May  8 15:29:24 iPhone locationd[45] <Error>: opening /dev/dlci.spi-baseband.cl1 - 2 No such file or directory
May  8 15:29:24 iPhone locationd[45] <Error>: **** baseband crash collect CSI logs, file a Radar* ****
Which I know isn't a good thing, but why would a restore through itunes, mess up the baseband?

If I leave the phone on, eventually after a few minutes, it reboots itself.

Is there anyway to fix it?