Well, I managed to smash my iPhone 3GS in my car door.. There were no visible damage, but if I press the screen with some force, it is the same way as you are pressing your computer LCD screen.

Anyway, the phone just kept restarting when the apple logo appeared and wouldn't turn on. I put it in DFU mode, connected it to my computer and did a recovery. This time it did turn on, but I got the message "No active SIM-card". After taking the sim-card in and out a few times with no luck, I did a new recovery. This time it found the sim but I had to enter the code like 3-4 times before it would accept.

With the phone back on, I noticed that every 5 sec or so, it froze for like half a sec, and that there were no 3G signal. I still had a normal EDGE signal, but every few min it turns of for 5-20sec. Restarting the phone a couple of times fixed the lag, but the EDGE problem is still there and also no 3G signal what so ever.

I have researched a bit, and I've seen that many got problems with their signal after either breaking their phone or after opening it, but this is for both the and 3g signal, also "No service" all the time.

Any idea what this can be, or had similar problems? And is it worth trying bring it to apple as a "warranty" issue?