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Discuss need a little direction... at the iPhone 3GS -; I KNOW , I KNOW...I'M WAAAAY BEHIND ON THIS BUT... i want to update my ...
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    Default need a little direction...

    i want to update my firmware on my 3GS to 4.1 or higher
    it is Unlocked and Jailbroken and i'm using it on T-Mobile
    iPhone 3GS
    Firmware 3.1.2 (7D11)
    SiNful iPhone 5.6
    Baseband 05.11.07

    can someone direct me to a tutorial or youtube link that will show me how to do this, never done this before...I could pay someone local to update it for me but i like to learn new things. THANKS

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    Saved SHSH for any iOS version, old/new bootrom? Basic things you have failed to mention.
    There isn't one youtube video explaining this (and most youtube videos I have seen omit lots of important steps - so I can't think of any to recommend)

    Based on the (little) information you have supplied.

    You MUST make your own custom IPSW (4.3.3 - assuming you have not saved any other SHSH blob) with Pwnagetool (recommended) or sn0wbreeze (not recommended but will work). The custom IPSW must block baseband update (very important) and should have "hacktivation enabled"
    Then sync/backup your iPhone with iTunes. Make a backup of the backup (very important)

    Put your iPhone into pwned DFU mode and restore the custom IPSW. This will wipe your phone and load 4.3.3 (pre-jailbroken) without updating your baseband.

    Then you should install ultrasn0w from Cydia and verify unlock. I do NOT recommend you rely on a carrier bundle solution from an unscrupulous source like SiNful iPhone - apply the commcenter patch and make your own carrier bundle.

    At this point I recommend you install SAM, remove hacktivation, activate legitimately via iTunes and then remove SAM.

    Finally, you can decide whether to "restore from iTunes backup" or "Setup iPhone as new". With such a huge jump in iOS version, you might be better off "setting up iPhone as new".

    All this info is documented in existing threads and we don't have time to hold the hand of every person too lazy to search.

    Thread closed. Duplicate.
    Please read the stickies & search forum before posting!
    How to report an iTunes restore/update fail in a useful manner

    iPad 3G 64GB (4.3.3, Redsn0w) oldest SHSH 3.2.2
    iPhone 4 32GB (4.2.1, Redsn0w JB-monte) oldest SHSH 4.1
    iPhone 3GS 32GB (4.3.3; Pwnagetool) factory unlocked oldest SHSH 3.1
    iPhone 8GB (3.1.3; Pwnagetool) AT&T Locked - Unlocked with bootneuter

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