I went into a phone shop today for a price on unlocking my 3gs. They told me it would cost 60 but I told them I thought I had already unlocked it as it shows up my carrier but just displays zero bars. I have access to everything apart from text or phone calls. The guy at the phone shop suggested I tried using Check Mend which is the UK's database for lost or stolen phones and it would give me a report based on my IMEI and serial number. I paid 1.99 to get this checked and it all came back ok saying that the phone is not blocked or reported stolen.

I had the phone second hand off a guy I knew for a cheap price as he was due for an upgrade to the iphone 4 but said the phone wasn't working properly. Anyway, I have jailbroken the phone using redsn0w, currently on a 4.0.1 firmware with a 06.15.00 baseband. It allows me to connect to wifi, turn on 3g, and as I said even recognize my carrier which is Orange. It is basically an ipod touch at the minute not an iphone.

Any ideas?