Hey Guys

I know you all gonna think or say there is 100 of other treads out there about this problem. But i have read almost all of them, and none of them are like my problem.

It all starts with a iPhone 3Gs, i cant really remember firmware, maybe 3xx? But anyway, it was jailbroken with Blackra1n.

So recently i didnt care about jailbreaking or unlocking anymore, since the phone is unlocked from apple now. So i just updated it to the newest firmware, which is 4.1
The phone worked fine for 1-2days, but now it only start up and apple logo comes on, and loading thingy starts going around, and then it reboots.

I habve read alot of threads about it, i have tried Recboot, iRecovery etc etc.

The wierd part of all this, and the reason i think my iphone is not like all the threads i have read is because.

When the loading thing starts going around, i can see the phone in iTunes, i can restore it with no errors, but the problem is the same after restore. I can hold down power + home button and turn the phone off (only way i can turn it off anyway) I can but it in recovery mode or DFU mode, and then restore, but still same problem.

3 things i found not normal is.

1: when i use iphonebrowser to see the files on the phone, its like missing alot of files? Like bin, var and so on.

2: when following different iRecovery threds, i cant see more then ""Boot Failure Count: 15 Panic Fail Count: 0
Entering recovery mode, starting command prompt
(Recovery) iPhone$ ""
when looking on other screen shots, they can see/load much more, like the famous "auto-boot" but i cant see it? Its like its not there. (and yes i have tried typing "printenv" but nothing happens.

3: Last wierd thing is: the reason i wanted to updated, was because of the phone LCD light was "burnoff" they didnt work, you know the dim problem. Its dim all the time. So i changed the LCD, so LCD works fine now "and did work the 1-2days" But sometimes when the phone is still on, and i take out the 2-3 wires for the lcd, and but is back on. The "slide to unlock" screen comes on, but its frozen. Really wierd.

Well i hope someone out there can help me. I know its a long story, but i need to give you all the information i have at once.


PS: if anyone wants me to email screenshots of irecovery or iphonebrowser, just let me know.