I've been on the phone with Apple and AT&T all day today, and have found out some disappointing news for those of you who plan on buying the 3G S at an Apple store as an Authorized User on your AT&T account: Tough sh*t.

Yeah, apparently last year's "smooth process" is no more for those of us who are not the primary account holder, but are only authorized to handle and make changes to the account we're on.

As it stands this time around, the primary account holder absolutely needs to be physically present at an Apple store if you hope to purchase the new phone.

AT&T stores, however, will allow any upgrades or purchases without the primary being present. You just need to be authorized on the account.

This is truly sh*tty news for anyone who's primary cannot accompany them to the Apple store on the 19th.

You cannot switch your pre-orders from Apple to AT&T, and as we have heard this week, pre-orders for both companies are basically backordered for up to 14 days.

So much for the issue-free upgrade