Hi All

Yesterday my iPhone 3GS threw itself into the bath!
I grabbed it at lightening speed but needless to say the phone was not happy.

I switched it off and dried it for a while but it switched itself on a few times stating "this accessory is not........."

I checked all functions and, other than jumping to Voice Control and the home button stopping from time to time everything was working.

I put it in a bowl of rice over night to try to draw out the moisture.

This morining I had to connect it to iTunes as it was stuck in recovery mode (?) with the "connect to itunes" picture on the screen so i connected to itunes and was told i had to restore.

On the first two attempts i was given the "Could not restore....Error(29)"
I tried a third time in a different USB port and voila! Restore seemed to work ok! HOWEVER! When the phone rebooted it went straight into recovery mode again!

So now my phone is working to a degree!
It boots up happily but each time the first thing it does is open Voice Control.
I close that and I get the "this accessory is not...." message.

Once that is cleared all seems fine but the HOME button wont work!

Its as if the HOME button is being held down constantly.
This is confirmed when i hold the POWER button for 10 seconds (past the "power off" option) the phone resets as if holding POWER and HOME

Please help............

Thanks in advance