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Discuss A few simple questions regarding 3GS at the iPhone 3GS -; Hi all, As this is my first post, please allow me to start by commenting ...
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    Arrow A few simple questions regarding 3GS

    Hi all,

    As this is my first post, please allow me to start by commenting on the quality of this forum. You guys have a wealth of quality information and good staff, these things can be hard to find online today and I applaud you all.

    Now, on to the questions. I am relatively new to the whole jailbreaking thing but I am very intrigued. (Having just finished reading "iPhone Hacks" by David Jurick, Adam & Damien Stolarz - a must read i should say!) I apologize if these questions have been answered previously but my model of iPhone appears to be a tricky one so I would like some quality advice before diving in.

    I currently have a late-model 16GB iPhone 3GS. Firmware is 3.1.2 (7D11), and modem is 05.11.07. Serial number identifies it as "week 44". The phone is locked to the Optus network here in Australia.

    Now from what I have read, jailbreaking recent models can be difficult especially f I were to upgrade to 3.1.3. (Which I havn't done yet mind) So my questions would be:

    1. Is it advisable to jailbreak this model in the first place, or wait for future developments?

    2. If so, what is the best method? (Redsn0w, Pwnage etc..?)

    3. How does tethered booting work? (Does this mean I will need to connect my phone to the computer every time I want to restart it or it runs out of battery?)

    I am not worried about sim unlocking as I am quite happy with my provider, all I am interested in is running 3rd party apps and emulators. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I will happily donate to the forums in exchange for a helpful reply. Thanks in advance.


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    A lot of this stuff has been answered before, check with a search before posting in the future, saves people from re-answering common questions.

    1) Depends on what you're looking for. This isn't really a question we can answer for you. We jailbreak our devices for all sorts of reasons -- and most everyone's reason is different. There is no problem jailbreaking a 3GS with the new bootrom (other than neeing the tethered boot, see below) and the 05.11.07 baseband is susceptible to an unlock exploit (and yes, I know you said you weren't worried about an unlock, but if you ever want to sell the phone, good to keep your options open).

    2) redsn0w and PwnageTool are the best methods. redsn0w if you already have the device flashed with the firmware you want to jailbreak, PwnageTool if you are upgrading to a new firmware and want it to be jailbroken. iClarified has a good set of tutorials on how to do this if you need further instruction.

    3) The latest 3GS models have a bootrom that is no longer susceptible to any known exploits -- as such, to get the 3GS jailbroken, redsn0w and blackra1n exploit the recovery mode boot to inject the jailbreak code. This means that if you have a late model 3GS and you jailbreak, any time your device fully loses power or does a hard reboot, you will need to plug into blackra1n or one of the portable kickstart devices that people are making now before the phone will be usable again. Until then, it'll just be sitting at the 'connect to iTunes' screen.
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