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pushfix. I moved your post to this thread, hope you are okay with that.

Regarding the baseband bootloader on the 3G and the 3GS it is not possible to erase or downgrade the existing baseband version. Only baseband bootloader 5.8 (on early 3G iPhones) can be hacked to allow this.

Without first erasing the baseband, I can't see how running bbupdaterextreme can actually help at all.

I can only see how the procedure you linked to could work if the user was running 04.26.08 before they ran bbupdateextreme
Ok, I initially assumed that even though this guy's instructions didn't agree with it.

Sorry interqd, but it looks like you have an iPod touch now instead of an iPhone. If 05.12.01 ever gets an unlock, you will be able to try to upgrade to that. Or, you can try now and risk having a locked phone. At least it would be worth more in the used market.