Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Iphone. I replaced the LCD screen and back cover, then i connected the iphone to the computer. The computer recognized it. However, i had a problem with power button sticking, so I took everything apart again, and back together, and now my computer won't sync with iphone or see it at all in any way. all the cables are connected internally, and I tried all the steps. Even the Apple support suggestions, i tried stopping the apple service then restarting it, I tried reintalling everything.

What's even more bizare, I can't get into any kinda of recovery with the phone, DFU, or recovery. Any button cobination I press, everything is the same every time, the phone just powers on no matter what. I bought this phone a while back to replace parts on my original iphone. That one was stolen, so I decided to try to fix this one. However the phone is locked with a 4 digit pass code, maybe that has something to do with ti?