Iphone 3GS - > Flashed to 3.1.2
Setup Wifi
Rock Installed
Removed Blackra1n app
Restored RockApps, setup bosspaper/opensh/sbsettings
DIDNT restore iphone in Itunes (set all settings anew)
c:\program files\itunes\itunes.exe setprefint carrier-testing 1
itunes -> install t-zones.ipcc
Set APNs to epc.tmobile.com
Sync'd Music/Apps/ringtones from Itunes
c:\program file\itunes\itunes.exe setprefint carrier-testing 0

OK at this point everything works perfectly - Jailbreak/Hactivation/MMS/Tethering. But periodically I loose Tethering. The option simply dissapears out of the general-Network menu. Blackra1n did the commcenter patching, is there a permissions issue at work here? Is T-Mo resetting it remotely some how?

Anyone experiencing this?