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Discuss Can anyone solve this for me? Please?? at the iPhone 3GS -; Ok so I have spent nine hours solid on this today and I am totally ...
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    Default Can anyone solve this for me? Please??

    Ok so I have spent nine hours solid on this today and I am totally stuck I was hoping someone here can help me. At a party last night someone drunk put a passcode in my iphone 3gs for a joke, which wasn't so funny when he forgot the code.

    I have been using an iphone since the 3G was released and this has two years of data on it and I cannot lose all this information.

    here is what i have tried to get rid of the passcode

    1. Restored and tried to set up from a backup which was deleted by my phone syncing I didnt even notice, but I actually backed up my iphone that meant i was totally locked out all together.

    2. Set phone up as new and set a passcode to 0000 then used the locked out back up hoping it wouldnt overwrite the new code but it did.

    3. I have spent over an hour trying codes, if you keep it connected to itunes everytime it says to wait a minute or five or whatever, just sync the phone and you get to try again five times which is something I found out.

    4. I jailbroke using black rain and tried to get access into the phone using diskaid so i can delete the keychain, but diskaid doesnt realise the iphone is jailbroken due to a service that is missing which i cant install becasue i would need to know the pin for that.

    5. I pulled my hair out using google, youTube and other forums to figure out how can I get this passcode off my phone and not lose so much valuable information that i have collected over two years.

    Can anyone out there, some whizz, some expert please please help me get back into my phone, I promise to never let drunk people including myself touch it ever again!

    I have really put hours into this I did not want to ask others to fix my problem but I am that desperate!

    Thanks so much all!!


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    Mac or windows? I have one suggestion.

    Now that your iPhone is jailbroken with blackra1n

    1. Make a backup copy of your iPhone backup that includes all your data (including the passcode). Google for the location of this. I usually just zip this
    2. Restore using a custom ipsw created with pwnagetool for your model of iPhone. If you have windows, download a pre-made ipsw. This gives you jailbreak with Cydia. You could also probably restore with original apple IPSW and use blackra1n to jailbreak. As long as you don't need iTunes to activate.
    3. Before letting iTunes set the iPhone up as new, or restore from backup, install SSH and sqlite3 from cydia.
    4. Connect iPhone to iTunes and let it restore from backup..
    5. Try and SSH into your iPhone
    6. Run the following code:
      cd /var/Keychains
      sqlite3 keychain-2.db <<EOF
      delete from genp where acct = "DeviceLockPassword";
      killall -TERM SpringBoard
    7. Your passcode should be gone.
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