Hi, Im running on Win7, I have a 3gs IOS 4.1 baseband 6.15.00, im just trying to activate it and it seems to suck in the activation screen, I try to activated via itunes and it says that dont have sim card(have it AT&T), try to activate with the lasted redsn0w with deactivate option and it do nothing, and I try to change the lockdown files via ssh and i be able to unlock but cannot connect to wifi.

The step that i did:

1: Downgrade IOS 5 to 4.1 using shsh blobs in tinyumbrella and it is sucefully downgraded.
2: I jailbreak it with redsn0w last version with the options instal cydia, deactivate and install ipad baseband so i can be able to unlock it with ultrasn0w

It just suck in the activation screen no matter what method i use, any help in this will be very appreciated, thanks