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Discuss [3GS] Upgrading Baseband to 3.1 and jailbreaking.. best way? at the iPhone 3GS -; Hey guys i'm sorta new, but i'll participate more count on it. so yea, for ...
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    Cool Need your assistance on this...

    Hey guys
    i'm sorta new, but i'll participate more count on it.
    so yea, for my problem.
    i have an iphone 3gs new bootrom its simfree so i have no problem with unlocking
    but for some reason i fell victim to the upgrade 3.1.3 error code 29 on firmware(baseband) update. so now i can't update the baseband.
    i know its something many people would want.. but i actually want to update it,
    i've read about this bbupdater and i really want it, but i need the new baseband files, can i get some simple "code" guide in short of what to do and such please?
    itll really be helpful and i'd really appriciate it
    i get the whole concept in general, just need the exact decrypt codes and such for a 3GS firmware 3.1.3 BB
    Hopefully once i'll get out of this loop at version 4.0 it wont be a problem.
    hope anyone can help me =) Thanks everyone

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    Default problem trying this solution...

    i've tried this a few times and everytime on the third line command the phone loses its wifi and stays on searching..... i have to reset the network connectinos to get it back.. Any ideas
    phone is a 3gs jailbroken that needed to be restored now i can't unlock it to no avail....

    Quote Originally Posted by Olethros View Post
    There are probably many ways to do this. The way i did it might not be best or ideal for everyone but it worked. Basically you need the following.

    • Jailbroken iPhone
    • DiskAid or similar program to transfer files to/from iPhone
    • Original apple ipsw for your iPhone model.
    • Decryption keys from the iphone wiki for the ipsw you have downloaded.
    • Mac or hackintosh with Snow Leopard installed. If someone can post about how to mount dmg files directly on the iPhone, please do so. This would remove this requirement.

    Example below is for 3GS 3.1 and extracting files from update ramdisk. Adjust the xpwntool command if you are using a different ipsw or ramdisk.
    1. Install either mobile terminal or open SSH on your phone.
    2. Install xpwn from cydia. You may need to change your mode in cydia to hacker to find this package. You can change the mode by going to the manage tab and clicking settings.
    3. Using any unzip program, extract out contents of the ipsw.
    4. The baseband and updater are in both the smaller dmg files. Pick the update dmg (018-5349-086.dmg) and copy it to your iPhone using diskaid or similar program
    5. From a root shell on the iPhone (either via SSH from your computer or from mobile terminal run the following command)
      xpwntool 018-5349-086.dmg 018-5349-086.dmg_decrypted.dmg -k 1e23357267715aaffdb0dfbaebd5ea6bea928414cce593a15ac3b27a4c629e7c  -iv 05fbba6bfd7bca47827b866e80b1bd9e
    6. Copy the decrypted dmg back to your computer and mount it. If you are running anything other than snow leopard the files inside the dmg will look empty
    7. navigate to usr/local/standalone/firmware/ on the mounted dmg and you will find the correct files. You only need the two files that begin with 05 and the bbupaterexteme file.

    To flash the new baseband do the following from mobile terminal.
    1. Upload the three files extracted from the dmg to the iPhone for example /tmp using SFTP or diskaid or similar
    2. Code:
      cd /tmp
    3. Code:
      chmod 755 BBUpdaterExtreme
    4. Code:
      launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
    5. Code:
      ./BBUpdaterExtreme update -f ICE2_05.11.07.fls -e ICE2_05.11.07.eep


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