Hey Guys,

first i want to appologize for my bad english.

let me describe my problem.

a few days ago i wanted to restore my 3GS via iPhone to 3.0
after getting that message "this device isnt eligible..." i tried to restore it from settings on the iphone.
now the device boots to the apple logo and stuck.
i tried irecovery but the autoboot is set to true.
is it possible to boot this ting or am i screwed?

build-style = "RELEASE"
build-version = "iBoot-596.24"
config_board = "n88ap"
loadaddr = "0x41000000"
boot-command = "fsboot"
bootdelay = "0"
auto-boot = "true"
idle-off = "true"
boot-device = "nand0"
boot-partition = "0"
boot-path = "/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches/kernelcache.s5l8920x"
display-color-space = "RGB888"
display-timing = "n88"
image-version = "0x3"
framebuffer = "0x4fd00000"
secure-boot = "0x1"
this is from irecovery... can someone please help me?