Hi All,

Would appreciate any guidance if there is anything I can do with my old iPhone 3GS.
It was on 05.13.04 firmware, version 4.0.1. It got stuck there from a wrong pwanage/redsnow type upgrade.

So I bought a reputable IMEI unlock code and thought I was all set to upgrade to unlocked official IOSs. It sat in a drawer for a year and I recently tried to take it to 6.1.4 as per a non locked iPhone.

All seemed to go well but I'm now stuck at the plug into iTunes restore screen. Every time I try to finish the upgrade I get an error 9 (regardless of recovery or DFU mode).

I know there is nothing wrong with this machine as I've upgraded other newer non locked phones since. Anything I should look for in the traces that point to the dreaded NAND error as it it kernel panicking? The phone was working fine before the attempted upgrade…