Ok, we have a couple 3GS in our family, all were on 04.26 and ultrasn0w (t-mobile usa). OK.. 1 suddenly stopped getting service signal. Would just say searching...

Restored, preserving 04.26 BB - would get signal then randomly get stuck on SEARCHING... no service.

Restored several times, different versions (I have all SHSHs) no difference.

At this point we felt we had nothing to loose, so I did a "factory" restore to 3.1.2 and let it update BB to 05.11.07 - Then tried Blackra1n --- Same issue, would get signal then go to SEARCHING... no service.

At this point, I'm stuck... I've been involved with iphone's since the beginning, and I have never personally had this happen to any of the many iPhone's we've ever had... Is this just a hardware problem? Are there any suggestions? I'd hate to think I've got a dead paper weight at this stage - but I'm not sure what other possibilities there might be.

HELP IF YOU CAN. And thank's in advance.