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    Default Wow! No More Having To Use Our Fingers!

    I just stumbled into this site and so far, think itís very helpful. One of the first blogs I came across, was the one about the Stylus-R-Us web site offering what they claim is the greatest stylus in the world. After visiting the site, and watching their YouTube video, it convinced me, to the point I had to order the brass Roger iWand for my iPad, and for my iPhone, the Porsche, and let me tell you, Iím so glad I did. Like many of you, I too tried the PoGo and like, five or six of the others, and not one of them could hold a match to the Stylus-R-Us stylus. Theyíre like, ommmggg what a difference. Like they advertise, there is literally no pressure required to activate anything I touch. Itís like, instant. I am so impressed and thankful cuz all of the other ones need pressure to make them work, and that gets tiring.

    Anyway, IĎm just doing my part in passing on good stuff cuz we all know so much stuff these days isnít worth a small to medium size urine hole in the snow. I like how the Roger iWand fits nicely in the fold of my iPad case too. Iím not sure of their URL, but all you gotta do is put Stylus-R-Us in Google and itíll find it. Google is like that.

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    If you google this entire post it shows up word for word on loads of other forums.

    My Spam Radar is bleeping lol.

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