My iphone 3G does not want to restore. It had crashed during an update from 3.1.3 to 4.x.
This caused the iphone to just be in constant black screen. it can be seen in itunes but it is in recovery mode.
I did not jailbreak it or anything.

i have tried to (via jb software) to get it back to work.

i first reset my TCP settings
i had put my iphone in PWNED DFU with redsn0w
then created a custom firmware 4.2.1 with sn0wbreeze (partition 800mb, cydia)
with the greenpoison dfu i try restoring it in itunes with the custom firmware.... then it goes error 6 again.

just after the progress bar on the iphone screen, i see it boot for just a fraction of a second and then it goes black (and then error6 in itunes).

I can add the LOG of the restore if you need it.

What can i do? Is my iphone completely busted? I hope not...

thx a bunch

PS. when i try to boot tethered in redsn0w i see the pineapple but then it goes black again.