Here's the story: My dad gave got a used iphone 3G for me, but when i got it, the wifi wasn't working. Not sure what firmware it was running. I'm not very experienced in apple products so the first thing i did was try to restore factory settings from the phone itself. Turns out the phone was jailbroken so this left me stuck at the apple logo.

I did some research and ended up cooking up a firmware using sn0wbreeze, which i installed, but it didn't help the wifi issue. i can switch the wifi on and off but it never picks up any networks. the baseband is 06.15.00 and the firmware is 4.1, which i ended up trying after 4.2.1 didn't help the issue. Any suggestions or help is appreciated. another thing, i tried unlocking using ultrasn0w, but i always get no service.

I have also tried downgrading the baseband to 05.13.04, with no results. Is there any way to determine whether this is a hardware or software issue?