ok, i replaced the battery in my 3g a few days ago, took it apart carefully no problems and got it back together. turned it back on all was good, no problems and batt was working fine. i let it die completely before i charged it for the frist time to keep it in a good condition. after it charged my problem occured. i constantly get the white screen after the apple logo when i restart it, via home+sleep. sometimes it will load up the os (3.1.2 unlocked with blackra1n) but if i hit the sleep button it goes into teh white screen. also the dim settings is messed up which leads me to think it possibily connector 3 messed.

i have since gone back and double checked #3 and it is fine. also, i was able to restore it and it is still doing the white screen right after the apple logo upon load up.

what i am looking for is if there is a way to know if it is software or hardware, and any other suggestions to try....really regretting that battery swap right now

also, dont know if this matteres, the batt i swapped in is a 1600mah, i think the original ones from apple are 1150 or somtin...dont know if this matters or not.