hey. i recently purchased an unlocked iphone in st maarten. i actually sent someone to go do the actual purchase. from reading websites, it looks like orange is an official distributor and the place my friend bought it from is also listed on apple's website as a vendor. but i'm confused with all this unlock/jailbreak/bricks business. i know that the phone is unlocked because i can use it with any sim card. i am not sure if it's unlock was done so called legitimately with apple(as in france). i heard that jailbroken phones have 2 icons in the menu that are not on the phone i got. i see the 18 apple icons or whatever, including the apps and itunes store. the firmware vesion is 2.0.2 5C1. is there any way to distinguish between an iphone from apple and a diy jailbreak/unlocked phone? do certain things not work on jailbroken/unlocked phones, is there a serial number? i'm scared that my phone will get bricked if i register with itunes. when i plug the phone into the computer, the itunes asks me to register and i click on later. i would like to install apps and transfer music files. sorry for such a long post but i'm trying to include all the details. thanks