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Vodafone and Turkcell have launched Iphone 3G in Turkey on last Friday. Both providers are offering different Iphone 3G bundles (mins+sms+data) for either 18 months or 12 months contracts. Turkcell is also offering officially unlocked Iphone 3Gs for existing SIM owners. Selected electronics stores are too selling Iphone 3Gs. The purchased phone should be activated by a Turkcell SIM in Itunes but then it can be used with any SIM. The prices are (all taxes inclusive);

iPhone 3G 8GB: 645
iPhone 16 GB black: 758
iPhone 16 GB white: 758

Check out Turkcell website http://www.turkcell.com.tr/bireysel/...silsahipolurum
for more info (Sorry the site is in Turkish, no english one exists at the moment).

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