I have a 3g iPhone, its been unlocked on Tmobile USA at FW 3.0.1, everything worked.

but as you know, Tmobile USA does not support 3G on iPhone, so, my iPhonespeedtest.com results on EDGE, were usually about 200-300...

well today I stupidly updated to FW3.1, thereby locking myself out of Tmobile, so I went and bought ATT service, and a 3GS.

I put my ATT Sim in my 3G iPhone and did the iphonespeedtest again, but this time on 3G network speeds Im getting speeds near 600 (I get the same 600 speeds on the 3GS).. that is almost 3 TIMES faster!.. expensive, but faster..

Then I connected to Wifi and tested again.. but this time comparing the 3G to the 3GS

the 3G achieved speeds of about 1000, while the 3GS got 3000!, again 3 TIMES faster..

Im now the proud owner of a legit pair of ATT Locked iPhones.. on FW 3.1

moral of the story, dont update to FW3.1 unless you want to be 3 TIMES faster, AND pay an extra $40 a month..

the real reason I went ATT, is my Tmobile reception sucks in the area where I now live, whereas ATT has Much better coverage.. so Im paying more, and getting more..

still feel like an idiot for pushing update on the wrong Firmware package though.. oh well..