Ok, so far I've seen horror stories about prices on the plans for the iPhone 3G.

For starters our good neighbor Canada has been severely fucked with Rogers. Although, I've seen worse in other places of the world.

Examples of highest price and awfully low Data Limit and low minutes>>

Mexican iPhone plan $ 80.00 USD
200 MB Data
400 Minutes
200 SMS

*You can't go over limit. Once you reach it it stops.

Portugal iPhone plan $ 100 USD
250 MB Data
500 Minutes
500 SMS

*There is additional costs for extra MBs, SMS and Minutes.

Switzerland iPhone plan $ 54.10

1 GB Data
== Can't understand minutes and SMS plans as you pay $ .48 USD per 1 hour of talk time you consumed ==


Now, all these are the highest given and priciest plans out there where as with AT&T, our cheapest plan well surpasses by far all other telecoms.

AT&T iPhone plan $ 75.00 USD

450 Minutes
5000 Nights & Weekends
200 SMS Messages [these cost you extra $5 and as you can see I added those to the price]
Unlimited Data

Well, we here at the US complain about our retarded wireless system, I prefer to have this current system, that us paying those overpriced plans. Anyway, this post was to show how unjust prices are all over the world and how telecoms want to milk iPhone customers as much as possible. [dam bastards]

Just remember this, don't complain about your current situation, someone else in somewhere else is worse than you are. - Anonymous
It's an awesome world.... - Discovery Channel's new campaign