Tired of all the time that I was dedicating to my iPhone, a few weeks back I decided to finally go legit and picked myself up a black 8GB iPhone 3G and sold the v1 on eBay. I quickly discovered that 3G was not only quite usable, but also super expensive since my MVNO (an Orange France reseller) didn’t have a suitable “bouquet” that provided unlimited data. Quickly realising that my wallet couldn’t handle 165€/month phone bills, I decided to do the unthinkable….and went into Orange store and get myself an Orange France 16GB iPhone 3G in White with an Orange contract.

At first the phone worked great and I was very happy. However after about a week of usage, I lost the connection to my Carrier’s network and the phone started going nuts – the “carrier” option in the settings menu disappeared/appeared every few seconds and the phone was very very slow. I rebooted a few time and unhappily the situation didn’t change – still no network connection.

Restoring the phone didn’t make a different either. It’s at this point that I ejected my SIM card and put it into the Black iPhone that I intended to sell, but never got around to doing – lucky me. To make a long story short, I contacted Orange France and with the aide of Apple, they replaced my White iPhone and all was well. For about a week! Today, it happened again and once again I lost my network connection and the phone flipped out again. Restoring has absolutely no effect and the network doesn’t come back no matter what I do. Please note that this is a 100% virgin iPhone and has never been jailbroken, cracked or modified in any way either now or before.

So here I am with my Black 8GB iPhone which continues to work perfectly still. I have contacted Orange requesting that they now change my SIM card and will see if that makes any difference.

Has anyone out there run into this sort of problem?