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Discuss restore to replacement phone - screen goes crazy at the iPhone 3G -; okay, so i've done some Googling around and searching here on this site and haven't ...
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    Unhappy restore to replacement phone - screen goes crazy

    okay, so i've done some Googling around and searching here on this site and haven't found anyone with similar issues...
    so here's my story (it's long...bare with me)-
    had an iPhone 3g since last Nov or so, <finally> jailbroke it with QuickPwn back in Feb or March, (already had updated to 2.2.1, prior to JB) and everything's been faaantastic since then. Until about 3 days ago, i fell victim to the infamous dead Home button. So, i called Cust. Support and they sent me a new phone (nearest store is like 400 miles...).
    I regularly synced my old phone with itunes and alla that, and i backed it up last night and this morning when the new phone got here.
    Put my SIM card in the new phone and hooked it to itunes...then i loaded the most recent backup...and my screen starts tripping out. NOTHING helps it, rebooting, hard restart, powering on and off, basically had to do a full new restore (not from a backup), or manually wipe the phone through Settings>General>Restore>whatever else.
    I've restored so many times now im going crazy. And every time the screen trips out at different points.
    It's usually okay for a little while after i reload a backup, BUT it still displays my custom carrier logo and the numeric battery that i enabled with SBSettings...BEFORE i JB the phone.
    So, im thinking there's some JB stuff in the backup file and my unjailbroken phone is all confused....?
    so, last attempt it all loaded fine, and i immediately jailbroke it just in case the unJB phone was getting confused... still seemed stable after this.
    only then did i start to run an old JB app i've had just incase i needed this... AptBackUp. it's supposed to store a file in the itunes backup and once you rejailbreak a phone, you download the app again and tell it to restore, and it automatically downloads all your Cydia apps automatically....a little ways into that process and the phone flips out again.
    apparently this starts when i start a large amount of data transfer. i got it to RE-stabilize ONCE when i did a restore, but didn't load a backup (set up as new phone). when it started dumping all my App Store apps on it it tripped out, but it got better when i removed all the apps. Stayed fine when i manually went through and added 5 or 6 at a time.
    Then to get ballsy, i disabled all automatic syncing, restored AGAIN, but loaded the backup from this morning. still stable. synced ALL my contacts (about 200) to my Google account since i had never done so, and actually synced back and forth a lot as i made some changes, and it stayed stable the whole time. so i JB it with QuickPwn, still stable.... as SOON as i launched Cydia and it started it's first time setup/download/whatever process the phone went crazy...but i kept going. I let Cydia do all it's updating, then downloaded AptBackUp, let it COMPLETELY restore and reboot. All my Cyida apps are here, but screen still tripping. I turned off the custom carrier logo, and i disabled the numeric battery (only 2 things i know of happening before i JB it) and it's still tripping. I've rebooted, cycled power, etc...
    am i maybe victim to a Lemon Phone by chance? (im good at getting defective products...)
    it appears the touch areas are fine, it's just the picture that's effed. like in the pictures i took and the vid you can see its on the Sync Screen, well if i slide my finger across the bottom where there would normally be a Cancel acts as it should and goes to the SpringBoard...if i touch where an app icon would normally be, that correct app launches, and so on...
    So, here's pics and video:
    the screen changes so fast i couldn't get much with just still pictures, so i upped a video to youtube as well...
    thanks in advance, guys!!!

    YouTube - MOV01954

    UPDATE: it seems to get better over time with the screen off (screen locked, etc) so i powered down the phone completely for like 30 minutes, when i turned it back on it was fine...for about 10-15 minutes. after it went crazy again i turned it off for another like 10 minutes, and when i turned it back on it was still crazy. i went to send a txt to someone, and around the time i hit Send, the screen went back to normal....OMFG.
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated...this is so damn annoying!!
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