Hey Guys,

I have no idea about the iphone update process, but I was wondering why it isn't possible to do the following!

Take the 2.2 firmware with baseband 2.28.00 and modify the baseband version to read 2.31.00 instead, and then flash an iphone with the newer 2.30.03 baseband. Basically to make it think it's getting upgraded!

I'm assuming there are lots of caveats and it is not as simple as this otherwise it would have been done. However, if you can remove the baseband update from the .ipsw file and flash your iphone with that no problem, the phone obviously doesn't care whether there is a baseband update available in the .ipsw or not!

Or is the iphone being fooled into thinking it's being updated when it isn't?

Furthermore, how does the iphone know to accept baseband updates, there must be some checking process the iphone does before allowing a baseband update and is the baseband overwritten every time you run the recover process, even if the baseband firmware is the same version?

Thanks for any answers. I'm just interested in the process.