So, I posted this on many other forums (iDroid, iFans, etc.) and when I saw how many people are online everyday here, I knew I had to spread the word.

iOSx2 is a project that allows you to dual boot multiple versions of iOS. Dual booting was done several years back, and I brought it back to second generation devices.

During installation, you have to create a partition, copy the raw disk over to it, then restore to it. After that, the iPhone/iPod will be confused, as it cannot boot two softwares with one kernelcache. You will have to send the kernelcache via a jailbreak program or iRecovery. Then, send the commands needed to boot into the third partition, and set permissions to make them bootable. I am telling you this because I do not want to be called a troll.

It is based on sl8900x, meaning it only works on the iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G [being an exception] (my ports), and (many years back from developers) the 1st generation iDevices. We are working on bringing this to other iDevices with the testers and members I've collected. So far, we are testing on the iPhone 4, the iPod touch 3G, and the iPad 1G.

If you would like to test, please feel free to contact me via email: Or PM me. Just understand that we cannot test on iPod 4G, because many needed commands were taken from iBSS in Recovery Mode protocal x1283. Without those commands, you wouldn't be able to boot into the new partition after restoring.

If you would like to help with development, contact me and you can join our organization on Github. We are working on making an automated installation app similar to Bootlace. We are also making a custom OpeniBoot to replace the need for dual booting with Apple's iBoot.

Some quick links:
Installation instructions
Repartitioning Tutorial
App GUI Preview

All (hopefully good) feedback is appreciated! And let me take a moment to say what a nice forum you have here! I will be staying here for a while!