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Discuss [Problem] iPhone slide to unlock, loscks & relock instantly at the iPhone 3G -; Hello everyone i have a very serious problem with my iPhone 3G ( 8GB ) ...
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    Default [Problem] iPhone slide to unlock, loscks & relock instantly

    Hello everyone i have a very serious problem with my iPhone 3G ( 8GB )
    I have jailbroken it, (on a PC) and i am running firmware 2.2.1 (no carrier unlock)
    okay so heres the problem,
    when i reach the slide to unlock screen, i swipe the slide, and the phone unlocks, and locks a second later,
    if i try rebooting, this gives me a extra 3 seconds approximently,
    i cannot SSH into it, as i have turned the SBsettings ssh buttion off,
    i do not have a large amount of apps, Bossprefs, Cycorder, SBsettings, Winterboard, Flaslight, Installous, Lockdown(unrelated),
    please tell me if i must have to do a restore as i have just recovered from switching over to my brand new mac and lost most of my photos, (stupid iphoto) and music, along with my seven pages full of apps, :|
    any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

    EDIT: I have decided to restore my iphone, no cydia, no jailbreak, and it STILL HAS THIS PROBLEM! WHAT COULD BE GOING ON!!?

    EDIT: done blank factory restore, problem is still there, im sure it is not a physical hardware problem like the lock button becoming stuck, should i take it to apple? i still have my warranty
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