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Discuss Problem with i3G / A1241's at the iPhone 3G -; Ok here's the situation; I've got 2 Iphone3s, used, as gifts, and each had been ...
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    Default Problem with i3G / A1241's

    Ok here's the situation;

    I've got 2 Iphone3s, used, as gifts, and each had been dropped and repaired, but without the replacement of parts, supposedly.

    it looked like back-shell damage that was glued back together, and the mid-frame glued on at the corners.

    I used cydia to get them to 4.21 and they were working fine for a while. My GF dropped hers and shattered the digitizer and the LCD, and I dropped mine and broke the solder points on the ear-speaker assembly.

    I thought I would use the opportunity to do a case change on the backplate on hers, using a DealExtreme fresh digitizer (complete assembly with speaker and buttons) and re-use my LCD.

    for all intents and purposes, my 'Frankensteining' one IP3 from 2 of them worked , the screen is lit, i get and make calls, and texts, (i haven't tested web) but here's the problem.

    The regular handset-mode speaker won't work. but the phone works great in speakerphone mode. any Idea what I have done wrong ? was I sent the wrong Digitizer panel ?

    my GF's mainboard, the one I reused is reporting itself as having 13gb of internal memory, as opposed to mine which was reporting 8. When I disassembled mine, I noticed the board is cracked at the lower corner between the battery connector and the antenna connector so i'm not using that one, but they're supposed to be identical A1241's

    Opinions? places to Start? oh...and I ordered 2 of those dealextreme digitizers and the second one is doing the same thing with no sound except the main speaker.
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