I'm trying to get my Windows 7 32-bit RC all updates installed to work with iTunes, and, so far I have had 8.1 that worked fine, but, 8.2 and 8.2.1 don't work AT ALL on my laptop. Both of these versions behave the same:
I can't log into my account and view payments as before, I can't authorize the computer, because it seems to never connect to the server, that progress bar at the top of the app keeps on continually moving, but nothing happens, and, with 8.2.1 (yes, 32 bit everything), my 3G iPhone that has 3.0 on it, only Cydia and Appstore and 3.0 compatible apps on it, doesn't even show up in 8.2.1. It did show up on 8.2, but I wasn't able to download apps from appstore and stuff.

It generally looks like a network connection error or something, or at least it doesn't connect to the Apple server properly.

I have tried throughly reinstalling, uninstalling EVERYTHING related to Apple from my Laptop, I even went in Regedit and deleted EVERYTHING related to Apple software, and, even went to devmgmt.msc and uninstalled the hidden apple devices for both versions, and, it doesn't work.

Please help if you can!


(maybe Apple needs to release a Windows 7 version?)