Hello All

I was given a old 3g iphone a while ago that was faulty. (the apple logo was on constantly in a loop) Anyway iv had the odd mess about now and again so read up about the various problems and faults you can get the iphone back from so set about it. I first got it onto the emergency dial activation screen after about 5 mins Then had to set about getting it activated. I could have done it with redsn99w but ordered one of each of the UK carrier free sims and went through them one by one and low and behold it ended up being locked to O2.

Anyway its now up and running fine. And has the following installed version 3.1.3 (7E18) with Modem Firmware 06.15.00 and Carrier O2 5.0

However this said what I would like to give the phone to my young daughter to use (As it dont stand me at anything if anything untoward happened to it then it would not matter would it And as she has a cheap phone at the moment and contract on 3 it would be ideal for her)

Right a question please if I may
So considering what s/w - bb is on the phone at the moment What S/W - BB would I need on the phone so It could be jailbroken So I could open it and use 3 as a carrier. At the moment when I plug it into Itunes It says that it wants to update it to the latest version s/w which is 04.2.1 according to Itunes that is.

Right now does anyone have any suggestions as to which way to go about it please as Iv never jail broke anything with s/w from this early or with different bb to the normal and version s/w. Its just that I did not want to jump in with both feet and possibly brick the phone. Especially not now Iv told the daughter and she is expecting her very first Iphone She is excited ? Should I do this ?

Or would it be better just to get it factory unlocked and be done with it? But then it would deprive her of a couple of apps I think she would like.

Once again many thanks for your help and any future suggestions

regards Andy