just got a 3g today and have some questions need to be answered. I currently have 2 Iphones at the time being and 1 is working just fine. When I say working, the signal is just fine when I'm inside my home however the other one is having intermittent issues with the signal.

Both were jailbroken prior acquiring the said phones.

Q1: The current baseband is 5.12.01 and the version is 3.1.3. Am not sure about the baseband of the other phone but as far as I remember the version was at 4.2.1. Will a downgrade of baseband fix the signal issue of the 1st phone or do i need to restore the phone, jailbreak it again for it not to have issues with the signal?

Q2: I saw an app in cydia fuzzyband that will downgrade the baseband (modem firmware) to 04.26.08. Will I need to re-unlock the phone given that the phone with problems already has ultrasn0w on it?

Q3: What will be the pros and cons of having redsn0w and ultrasn0w on 1 phone?