Hello all,

I recently got a used iphone 3g from someone. He had erased all data and he activated it for me.
When i checked, it showed me
Version: 3.1.3 (7E18)
Firmware: 05.12.01

After coming home, i accidently resetted all settings, and now its asking me to activate the phone with sim card. I dont have any sim card yet. Even iTunes doesnt recognize it and tells me to insert Sim card.
The phone was originally from Fido, and I want to use it with Bell Mobility.
Bell said that bring an unlocked phone and they can give me a sim card.

So all i want to know is could i jailbreak and unlock an inactivated phone? Or do i have to call that person and tell him to activate the phone again as he has the original sim card..
Hope to hear from you soon

Thanks in advance!