Ok, so my IPhone is firmware 2.2 and I had it jailbroken by a programmer friend of mine who is more adept at these things. Lately my springboard has been crashing more and more so I decided to restore and upgrade to 2.2.1 and then re-jailbreak my phone. When I went to restore, my computer screen changed to show the connected iphone settings screen but it was a blank iphone it showed. No name, no memory, nothing. All were showing N/A except it was named IPhone. I unplugged my phone and all it would show, and still will show, is a screen with a usb cable and an up arrow pointing at an itunes icon saying to connect to itunes. When I do that, it starts to restore but then halfway through the process it gives me an error message of either 13 or 14. I have tried the DFU method but that hasn't worked. Please help.