I have an iphone 3g and i jailbroke it a while ago but i stupidly forgot my password and had to restore... When i resynced my phone to itunes it said itunes has failed to install 30 applications due to an unknown error? I think it may have something to do with categories because that was installed and i had 4 folders, also most of the aps installous had put onto my phone or updated have gone missing and wont install... Also i tried to re jailbreak but it wouldnt boot again afterwards it just looped, i knew this because it vibrated every so often whilst it was plugged in and was trying to boot, i have had the problem with apps before and i had to wait for updates for the apps as that brings them back... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Btw i am running windows vista home premium and i have 2.2.1 on my iphone. Thanks