Hi all,

I wanted to buy an iPhone for a person dear to me, but I couldn't afford buying a new one. I have a friend in USA that has a contract with AT&T (an iPhone) for more than one year. He bought the iPhone 3G for me (for around 100$ - he was el-legible for a new one - I think he said that the old one was broken).
Now the iPhone 3G is with me in another country and was unpacked with an AT&T SIM inside. As soon as I turned it on, it said "No Service". I got the sim card out and it says "no sim..." and gives me only the emergency calls. I read somewhere that in case I want to make it work in my country, I should first make sure it is upgraded to iphone os 3.0. I cannot go to the settings menu and see the OS version. So I guess I first have to connect it to iTunes.

I really want to make this iPhone 3G work, but I don't want to make any problems to the guy that bought this iPhone for me. So can you tell me if there is any way to incriminate him if I connect it to my iTunes? Or is it the only way for the iPhone to be connected to his iTunes (assumption)?

I am using windows xp. Also, do I have to have os x?

I searched on this forum extensively, but I couldn't find any answer to this question. If there is any, please refer me to it. I also wrote to the Dev-Team Blog - Ultra's Now!, but no help there neither.

Please help me.
Kind Regards,